Last contest winner in a while

December 1st, 2012

Our slightly extended “Freedom of Choice” contest has ended – and we have a marvellous winner. thenchuff decided to pick the theme from our “We love the cold” contest and use it as a creative springboard for a truly amazing design. What we love so much about her entry is not only the outfit itself and thenchuff’s remarkable sketching skills but also the perfect choice of fabric suggestion and the personal story she weaves into her description.

Unfortunately we also have some sad news. Most of you will probably have noticed that we have a big backlog of winners from past contests that haven’t made it into the pattern section yet. We have therefore decided to suspend the contests until further notice to give us a chance to catch up. The patternmaking (and grading) is a time consuming process and we run this site in our spare time (from the e-mails we are getting we can tell that a lot of our visitors seem to think that a pattern company is behind Your Style Rocks! – there isn’t). We hope you understand that we just need some elbow-room right now.

However, we are going to keep the contest page up. So if you would like to show us your sketches you can still do that. We are also keeping the voting system, just as an easy way for you to show your fondness for a design someone might have shared. Obviously, while contests are suspended there will be no winner, though.

As soon as we are ready to go into full Your Style Rocks! mode again, we will send out a newsletter and let everybody know on Twitter, so make sure you follow us (or sign up for our newsletter on your profile page)!


Trouser Time Winner

August 31st, 2012

Hi everybody,

our Trouser Time contest has just finished – and Jessicat is the clear winner with her super-summery Bethany Beach Trousers that make us crave a scoop of blueberry ice cream instantly. Congratulations! Jessicat maximized her chances of winning by submitting two separate entries which reminds me to say that yes, of course you can enter as many times as you like! The more great designs we get to see the better!

For our new contest we came up with something special: since we had so many new members signing up in the last couple of weeks we thought we’d give everybody a chance to go back and and re-visit our past contests. That’s right – for this challenge you have The Freedom of Choice! Check out our contest archive, pick the subject you like most and submit a sketch that matches that brief. Click here to join the fun!

In the meantime we are in the final stage of working on the pattern for cherryplum‘s Rockabilly Minnie Mouse Dress with which she won our Join the Dots contest. And it’s even more exciting since we saw this article on MTV Style about Minnie Mouse as the hottest fashion influence – it just makes sense, don’t you think?



Plus Sizes

July 14th, 2012

We have received a lot (and I mean A LOT) of e-mails from people who say that they love our patterns but could we not offer them in plus sizes as well. As I said already in this discussion, plus sizes are not really our speciality and we have little experience in that field. But since there is such an incredible demand we’d like to give it a try. Today we added two sizes for the very popular Eva Dress. Please note that these are experimental – we’d like to see how many people download these bigger sizes and especially how they work for them regarding fit etc. So if you’d like to see more plus sizes added to our patterns, please help us out with your reviews, comments and photos!


Sensational Decorations Winner

June 30th, 2012

Hello everybody,

Our Sensational Decorations contest has ended with a very clear result – Turbo entered two designs and her Delicate Tulle dress won by far. Congratulations, Turbo – well done!

All in all everything is going pretty well here at Your Style Rocks! – we got really great entries for our last contest, we have passed the mark of 10,000 registered users and we receive a lot of nice emails and comments about our patterns. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for spreading the word, for posting reviews on pattern sites, for mentioning us in your blogs, for sharing our site on Facebook and Pinterest, for showing us your finished projects using our patterns and of course for submitting entries to our contests and voting for your favourites – you guys truly rock!! 🙂

For the new contest we took inspiration from Ladycrusoe who designed a beautiful pair of trousers for our the Sensational Decorations challenge. Although her entry didn’t win we thought it would be a great idea and a nice change after all the dresses and skirts to focus on trousers this time. So – please do give our new subject a thought and let us see your vision of what that perfect pair would look like. What would be the pattern of your dreams, the one you would probably sew over and over again? Make a little sketch and share it here – it might be your design we’re going to turn into a free pattern next time!



rma’s 50s Fashion dress

June 28th, 2012

Hooray, we have a new free pattern!

As everybody must have noticed upon visiting YSR today, we have a new pattern for you – it’s rma‘s 50s-inspired, petticoated dress from the Past Perfect contest and we really, really hope you guys love it as much as we do here at Your Style Rocks!

Some of you might remember that we were really lucky finding a fabric that perfectly matches rma’s original skirt design. For the top part we scoured all our sources but didn’t find any we liked, so we made our own by sewing strips of fabric together – you might see the stitches in the photos if you look carefully! 🙂

So, what do you think of the dress? Send a comment to let us know!



Mad Women love the Mod Style

April 30th, 2012

While a lot of people were a little bit disappointed by the lack of Mod fashion in the first episodes of Mad Men’s season five, that didn’t stop you guys from voting for futuralon‘s beautiful shift dress Mid 60s Mod Mini in our Mad Women contest. Congratulations, futuralon! I think we’re all looking forward to being able to add such an essential and well executed piece to our pattern collection.

For our new contest Sensational Decorations we’d like you to post designs that are simple in shape but have fine details added. Click here to read all about it – then go and send us your ideas! If the last couple of weeks’ submissions are anything to go by, we’ll see a lot of amazing entries again!

As for the next free pattern – we are in the final stages of optimizing it, so we hope we’ll be able to publish it soon – it’s going to be a good one! 🙂


lalaure’s Eva Dress

March 31st, 2012

Hello everybody,

I had to delete a couple of entries from the contest – a lot of people seem to find our contest description misleading and send in their finished projects. I added an extra paragraph for new members to the contest description – let’s see if that helps.

Anyway, one of the “entries” was this beautiful Eva Dress, as made by lalaure – it is too good to just delete, so I thought I’d show it here!

This dress is wonderfull: easy to do and easy to wear. I am so happy to wear it with this beautifull sun.
I have done it very quickly, and the size is perfect.
I ever think for a new one!


4-in1 dress is our wardrobe essential!

February 29th, 2012


what a great start into the year this was! The pattern for Eva’s self titled dress is incredibly popular – it was posted all over the net and brought us many new members, which is just fantastic! We’re really happy that our little website finally seems to be making the rounds among DIY fashion lovers, and we particularly love that so many of our old and new members took part in the Wardrobe Essentials contest. The amount of beautiful entries was just amazing this time, so here is a big thank you to everybody who posted their design – you guys are true stars!

There can, however, be only one winner – and lyssophietje is the one who made it – congratulations! Her cleverly designed 4-in-1 dress left its competitors way behind. We must admit that it might be quite a challenge to construct a pattern that covers all the details she put into it, but we’ll see about that when we get to it. As of now we are working on the 50’s fashion dress that rma designed for our Past Perfect contest – watch this space…

In the meantime we are also eagerly waiting for the launch of Mad Men’s season 5 – and to celebrate this we’d like to invite you to take part in our latest contest, unsurprisingly titled Mad Women! We know a lot of you love the show just as much as we do, so we are hoping for plenty of stylish 60s-inspired designs. Let’s see what you lovely Stylerockers come up with this time!



Two Eva dresses

February 29th, 2012

Did everybody see the beautiful Eva dresses that soggywolfie and wenznz shared in our forum? I’m just going to post them here as well because I just love how unique they both look, even though they’re both from the same pattern:

More “Our Own Pretty Ways”

February 5th, 2012

The pattern for Sewhat‘s hooded bolero jacket has turned out to be a real crowd pleaser! Here are two more versions we found on the net, the blue one here and the grey and yellow one here.