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Hello World!

July 31st, 2010

As of today, Your Style Rocks! is finally online – and I cannot even begin to say how excited we are about it!

We hope that in the coming weeks and months, Your Style Rocks! will become an inspiring¬† meeting point for everybody interested in fashion design, dressmaking and DIY culture in general. What we ‘re offering you is a place to showcase your creativity, see what designs others come up with, download free dress patterns and exchange your thoughts on sewing, fashion and style!

This is how it works: At the beginning of each month we’ll give you a subject for the contest. Then you have until the end of the month to submit your fashion design ideas for this subject. Everybody can vote for their favourite design – and the one that is rated highest will be turned into a dress pattern, free for all!

To give you an idea of the high quality of our pattern construction, we have one beautiful dress in the patterns section for you already, so head over there, start sewing and show us your work!

The subject for our first contest is “Sunday, lovely sunday”. Submit sketches of your ideas, and maybe we’ll all be sewing your piece next month!

Whatever is going to happen on Your Style Rocks! over the next few weeks – we’re thrilled to have you here. Enjoy!