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I thought it would be interesting for everybody to know more about our first contest winner, jens, so here is a little e-mail interview I did with her:

Congratulations on winning the „Sunday, lovely sunday“ contest, Jen!

I am so excited for the pattern! I love the concept for your site and can’t wait to participate every month in the design contests.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where you are from and what you do?

I live in Huntington Beach, CA and am a stay-at-home-mom of two kids, a 4 yr old girl, and an 8 month old boy.  I have a small internet business that I also run- an online course to become a notary public.  I have a sewing blog that I am about to launch, just waiting for the photographer (my husband) to work some magic on some of my recent projects.  It has no posts yet, but it is called

What was your inspiration for the Paperbag Ensemble Dress? How did you get the idea for it?

I just made a dress using the Anda pattern from Burda-Style which has the same sleeve and neckline.  I think the style is so flattering on most women.  I also am in love with paperbag waist skirts, and thought the combination would be fun.  I have not seen a pattern even remotely like it, so I thought it would be perfect for the contest.

Do you sew your own clothes? Or are just into the designing bit?

I started sewing at 15, started a fashion design program my freshman year of college, and it didn’t work out.

Fast forward 15 years… I hadn’t sewn in a really long time, and a few years ago, when I started watching Project Runway, that desire to design and create my own clothes came back.  I didn’t really act on the idea until I got hooked on sewing blogs about a year ago and just a few months ago started sewing for myself again.

Do you have any advice for our other users when it comes to sketching a design idea?

If you google “croquis,” you will find some excellent fashion figures that you can print out.  I am not an artist, so I traced the body to draw my dress on.  It is so much easier to draw on than trying to draw the figure and the design!

And finally: which piece in your wardrobe do you love the most?

I love dresses.  I don’t have very many, but I am working on it and have plans to sew quite the dress wardrobe this fall!

Thank you, Jen! Looking forward to seeing more of your ideas in our contests!


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