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Hello everybody!

Looks like this month’s contest is going a bit slow… is the topic too hard? Or is everybody just frantically working at their designs? Please, do let us know!

In the meantime, here is a little sneak preview of our next pattern, jens’ winning entry for last month’s contest:

Of course this is only a prototype of the top part of the dress, not the final fabric etc., but it does show pretty nicely what the neckline is going to be like. We also went through a huge pile of different fabrics last night and singled out three options for this dress. They’re all fantastic and we couldn’t decide which of the three it is going to be, but as soon as we know I’ll post a picture here!


PS: I just realized that in the photo you can see a paper model of our first pattern, the Celebrate Summer dress, in the background. Just in case you were wondering why it looks vaguely familiar! 🙂

4 Responses to “Sneak preview”

  1. jens

    Style Rockstar

    Oohhh, Can’t wait. I just got such a thrill seeing the design being created!

  2. Claire

    Style Rookie

    It’s going to be really nice !

  3. streetcat

    Style Rookie

    I’m working on it, but my scanner don’t want to do what I want…so I hope I will make it till deadline!

  4. Kim

    Style Goddess

    @streetcat – Don’t forget that people only have until thursday night to vote – so if you want your design to have a chance to win you should probably hurry! Have you considered taking a photo with a digital camera instead of scanning your sketch?

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