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Hi everybody!

As always we tried to find out a little bit more about our latest contest winner, so here’s my e-mail interview with glamourie, whose “favourite frills skirt” was rated highest in the “Sophisticated Skirt” contest. Enjoy!

Congratulations, Kate, you won our “Sophisticated Skirt” contest!

That’s fantastic! I’m so excited to see the finished article!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, where you live, who you are and what you do?

Well, my name’s Kate, I’m 26 years old and I live in Northern Ireland. I was born here but went to university in York in the north of England – and that’s where I met my partner. We’ve been together for 6 years this december! We decided to spend a few years here after a run of family issues on my end – but are planning a move back to Yorkshire in the new year. At university I studied Archaeology, and graduated in 2006 – but unfortunately since then I haven’t been able to do any paid work in my field (the field of archaeology that is – not an actual field!), and at the moment I manage the offices of an Engineering and Automation firm in Antrim – a bit of a leap, I know! I do enjoy it though, it’s certainly not the worst job I’ve ever had – I started working at weekends and school holidays when I was 12 and have done everything from waitressing to washing pots to commission only sales! I love my crafts and my sports as well – I’m a fencer and an archer, I can ride a horse and sail a boat, I may have been born in the wrong century – but I’m also a diabetic and I like being able to be alive! I can now also drive a car – as of July this year, I managed to pass on the 5th attempt. They say the best drivers pass on the 5th attempt…

Do you sew your own clothes? And if so, what do you like about it?

I love clothes – goddess knows I have enough! I try to keep abreast of the fashions and was once awarded a certificate for having the “most original dress sense” – although, this may have been intended unkindly : )

I have an enourmous stash of fabrics and patterns in my spare room – I even subscribe to Sew Hip and Prima magazines, so my pattern stash is increasing rapidly – however, I must confess that I have never successfully finished making an item of clothing. I have sewn things – tablecloths and napkins and so on – I’m a dab hand at turning up trousers! Having had a job since I was very young taking up my time, and a string of sports I’ve had no luck in finding a sewing class that I could get to – every time I sign up for one it gets cancelled through lack of interest or moved to a Wednesday morning! I’m afraid I’m a very visual learner – there have been some spectacular accidents to date! But I’m a stubborn girl and I persevere!

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?

Lol – it’s probably a pair of shoes! My partner leaning annoyingly over my shoulder as I type maintains that it’s pyjamas – it’s very hard to choose! I have a lot of quirky pieces, I had a bit of a goth phase and I have some amazing dresses – a few years ago my partner bought me a fantastic suit made of dark purple velvet which I love – although it’s a little delicate and has needed some emergency mending sessions! I think my favourite thing is a black dress that my grandmother bought me one birthday. It’s from an awesome shop in Belfast called Fresh Garbage which sells some extremely strange items – and has basically been there forever, in fact my mum used to shop there back in the day! It’s mid calf length and slinky and the outer layer is made of beaded lace in a spiderweb pattern – it’s properly Morticia Addams and extremely forgiving to wear! I do love a bit of drama 🙂

You submitted a moodboard together with your design, which is a great idea and really helps to bring across which details you had in mind for the skirt. Do you have any other tips for members who want to try and submit their design ideas?

That moodboard kinda came together by accident! I had the idea for the skirt and then I was online searching for pictures that showed sort of what I was thinking of to help me when I was drawing it. It occurred to me that nothing I drew was going to illustrate my idea as well as a picture would – so I included the pictures of the elements I liked!

I think that the most important thing to keep in mind when designing clothes is ‘what you want to wear’ – if I’m getting dressed and I think ‘God, I wish I had a top like… whatever’ I scribble it down – worry about how it might work later! Keep pictures of fashion and fabric that inspires you – my hard drive is totally jammed with McQueen, Valentino and Vivienne Westwood! Most importantly of all – liberate your ideas! No one can vote for you if you don’t submit a design – no one is going to email you to say that they hate it, the more people’s ideas we get to see the better!

Thanks very much, Kate – I couldn’t agree more! 🙂


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