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“We love the cold” contest is over!

December 31st, 2010

Hello fellow Stylerockers!

What a strange contest this was – it started off so slowly that we had to extend it, then we get all sorts of great designs and in the end you voted for lila_’s Everywear Tails – a design that pushes the boundaries of the contest subject more than just a little bit….

Anyway, this is probably a good opportunity to make clear that we see our contest subject as an inspiration rather than a confinement. It is meant as a starting point to help you create something wonderful, so we are perfectly fine if you bend the rules when you design your submissions.

Talking about rules: we had to delete a couple of votes from other submissions because they came from user accounts that were obviously created only for voting. We are of course happy if you invite your friends and family to join our community and vote for your designs but we think it is not fair to have people sign up only for pushing the votes up for an entry – after all, the voting system is there to show us which design you guys would like to see as a free pattern and that doesn’t work if we don’t get a proper representation of what the majority of user is thinking.

I know it is a thin line and we should probably make it clearer in our rules, but we have yet to figure out exactly where to draw the line.

Anyway, our new contest is up now – laughinguacamole suggested a contest based on your favourite pair of shoes – we think it’s a great concept and one that everybody should be able to relate to, so once again we are excited to see what you all come up with!