Our first male Style Rockstar!


Yay, we have our first male contest winner! rma made it to the top position in our Past Perfect contest with his very 1950s summer outfit. As always I’ll try to do a little e-mail interview with him so we can all find out more about him soon.

For the next contest we received a couple of ideas again in the forum and the one we particularly liked came from lila_ who suggested to base it on a particular type of fabric or a certain print. Laralee then added that we could have the whole contest based on dots, so this is what we’re doing. Can’t wait to see lots and lots of dotty goodness from you guys!

Since we’re still frantically working to catch up with the backlog of unfinished patterns from our last contests we’re going to let this one run over two months. Plenty of time for you to come up with something awesome – or even post more than one idea this time! 😉



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