Two Paperbag Ensemble Dresses


Hello Stylerockers!

I did a bit of web research yesterday, looking for members who used our patterns for their sewing projects, and guess what? I discovered two versions of our Paperbag Ensemble Dress!

The first is by punzel, who used a gingham fabric for the lining to create a really beautiful effect: punzel's Paperbag Ensemble Dress

You can find more pictures (and a description in German) on her website Pepita.

The second is by frauknopf. She added vintage glass buttons and a belt in a floral pattern to make her dress very unique: frauknopf's Paperbag Ensemble Dress

Visit her blog for more pictures (description in German as well): Frau Knopf

Have you sewn a piece based on one of our patterns? Please, do let us know (and show pictures if you can!)! It’s always so great to see what you guys are making out of them!



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