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Top Priority wrap-up

June 30th, 2011

We have a winner for our “Top Priority” contest and again it’s a Your Style Rocks! member from France!

zephyree‘s submission was the last to enter the competition and yet she managed to get the most votes for her “very feminine cowl neck top“. And a beautiful design it is: inspired by the fabrics surrounding her in her sewing room, zephyree created a simple yet sophisticated layered top.

We particularly like the way she gives us some insight on the story behind her entry as well as a selection of accessories that would go well with the finished piece and a pretty good idea of the fabrics she would use, so we can really see why you guys voted her submission the winner of this contest.

Having said that, there is one thing that we don’t quite understand: considering the number of visitors we have on our website each day (hundreds), there is a relatively low number of people casting their votes (87 in two months). We would really like to understand why most of you guys out there (over 4.000) don’t use the opportunity to co-determine which patterns we should publish next. Of course we are always open for your ideas and suggestions, be it via e-mail, in our forum or as a comment in the news section, so if there’s anything you would like us to improve, please talk to us!

Anyway, zephyree‘s simple and elegant piece inspired us for the next contest, which is titled “Pure Elegance”. The name says it all – this time we would like to see your ideas for elegant pieces reflecting purity, simplicity and minimalism (in shape, colour or construction). We are aware that this might be a tough challenge for some of you, because it is quite open yet it doesn’t leave much space for frills or overly intricate details. But, as always, rules are made to be bent (not broken :-)), so we’re very, very excited to see what you make of this theme!


Lucky fabric find

June 27th, 2011

We couldn’t believe our luck today when we stumbled upon the perfect fabric for the skirt portion of rma‘s “50s fashion” entry to our “Past Perfect” contest!

Just look at it – what a fluke!



Everywear Tails Preview

June 24th, 2011

We are almost ready to publish the pattern for Everywear Tails, lila_‘s winning design for our “We Love the Cold” contest, so here is a little preview – an early prototype of the waistcoat:

What do you think?



PS: Don’t forget you only have a couple of days left to vote for your favourite entry in our current contest. There are some fantastic designs to choose from, so make sure you cast your vote before the end of the month!

About cherryplum

June 13th, 2011

It took a while to get all the info together on our latest Style Rockstar cherryplum. But we finally made it, so please read on to find out everything about the girl who won our “Join the Dots” contest with her super cute Rockabilly Minnie Mouse Dress:

My name is Natalia, I’m 35 years old, french and I live in Paris. I’m a graphic designer and also a painter (I studied arts at university for four years). I love art, photography, fashion and design.

I recently created a website together with my sister and my boyfriend, you can find it at On our site we talk about all the things we like: crafts, DIY, sewing, customisation, papercraft….

Paris is a city that inspires me a lot. Right now, the “retro” style is still very edgy on the streets and I admit I like it very much. Regarding the contest, my project was to create a dress with a 60s style, a dress which I wanted not too short but also with a bit of “Rockabilly” in it and a Lolita touch as well… that’s why I chose this very graphical fabric with the red dots. Movies are a source of inspiration for me as well. I have some very different influences: Brigitte Bardot at St. Tropez back in the sixties with her famous dresses made from gingham fabrics. I really like the universe that John Waters created, for example in Cry Baby, but also Minnie Mouse or Kubrick’s Lolita (which is ageless) and the babydoll style.

In fact it is surprisingly hard to find fashionable clothes in Paris which I really like, made from good fabrics and with a perfectly tailored cut, especially when you have curves like a pin-up girl. The trendy french clothes are made for very skinny girls with top-model shapes and it’s difficult to find the perfect clothes for a curvier figure. That is why I like sewing my own clothes: so I can wear exactly what i want but also because i enjoy sewing a lot!

I would like to sew very different styles of clothes but i don’t always know how to do it. Your site is very cool to help girls like me by letting us propose designs for the patterns of our dreams. It’s a wonderful idea, thanks for that and bonne chance for the future of Your Style Rocks!

Thank you so much, Natalia!