Everywear Tails Preview


We are almost ready to publish the pattern for Everywear Tails, lila_‘s winning design for our “We Love the Cold” contest, so here is a little preview – an early prototype of the waistcoat:

What do you think?



PS: Don’t forget you only have a couple of days left to vote for your favourite entry in our current contest. There are some fantastic designs to choose from, so make sure you cast your vote before the end of the month!

3 Responses to “Everywear Tails Preview”

  1. Claire

    Style Rookie

    It’s going to be amazing !!

    • Kim

      Style Goddess

      I think you are right, Claire, I just saw the almost finished piece… 🙂

  2. ajoy

    Style Rookie

    I can’t wait!!

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