Top Priority wrap-up


We have a winner for our “Top Priority” contest and again it’s a Your Style Rocks! member from France!

zephyree‘s submission was the last to enter the competition and yet she managed to get the most votes for her “very feminine cowl neck top“. And a beautiful design it is: inspired by the fabrics surrounding her in her sewing room, zephyree created a simple yet sophisticated layered top.

We particularly like the way she gives us some insight on the story behind her entry as well as a selection of accessories that would go well with the finished piece and a pretty good idea of the fabrics she would use, so we can really see why you guys voted her submission the winner of this contest.

Having said that, there is one thing that we don’t quite understand: considering the number of visitors we have on our website each day (hundreds), there is a relatively low number of people casting their votes (87 in two months). We would really like to understand why most of you guys out there (over 4.000) don’t use the opportunity to co-determine which patterns we should publish next. Of course we are always open for your ideas and suggestions, be it via e-mail, in our forum or as a comment in the news section, so if there’s anything you would like us to improve, please talk to us!

Anyway, zephyree‘s simple and elegant piece inspired us for the next contest, which is titled “Pure Elegance”. The name says it all – this time we would like to see your ideas for elegant pieces reflecting purity, simplicity and minimalism (in shape, colour or construction). We are aware that this might be a tough challenge for some of you, because it is quite open yet it doesn’t leave much space for frills or overly intricate details. But, as always, rules are made to be bent (not broken :-)), so we’re very, very excited to see what you make of this theme!


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