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zephyree’s Interview

July 22nd, 2011

We always look forward to getting the interview answers from our contest winners. On one hand it is great to see how different the people are who come here to download our patterns and – if we are lucky! – join our contests. Reading their stories and slowly, one by one, finding out who our community members are is just so exciting! On the other hand we often see ourselves in these answers. The reasons why people start sewing, the love for beautiful fabrics, the little problems with our body shapes…

We hope you like these little interviews as much as we do. Today we’ll get to know the winner of our “Top Priority” contest: Style Rockstar zephyree. Enjoy!

I’m a 27 years old french girl, working in a research institute. My job is to organise symposiums and workshops, welcome visitors, present our research domains… I’m always on the front line and need to be lovely, nice and elegant every day (which is not always easy, we all have bad days – well, i do!). I live in a little apartment in the east of France, in a very small village with nothing to do when you’re not 80 years old or don’t have children. Bus rides through the countryside with “Granny Tours” or summer camp with your child’s class, that’s your choice.
I love sketching, SF movies, writing some stupid novels and cooking. When i was younger I enjoyed creating pearl necklaces and bracelets.

I was always attracted by the dark, artistic side of life. I also do sports regularly and go to the spa with “partners in crime”, we then spend the whole afternoon lying on our bellies waiting for massages.

And two years ago I started learning how to sew. One day, just like when you say “I’m going to eat an apple”, I thought: “I’m going to take sewing lessons!” (That’s when my husband told me I should stop taking up granny hobbies – but it was the beginning of what I plan to be a long story!)

My main reason to start sewing was to get some special clothes that would also fit me. I’m more like Joan Holloway from Mad Men rather than Kate Moss, and I always had troubles finding pants or dresses that really suited me. I really can’t say I sew to save money, because when I look at the fabrics I choose and how much they cost… ooops!

I still have a lot to learn, especially in the pattern area, I can take a pattern (Burda, Simplicity…), follow instructions and make some minor modifications but I can’t create a pattern from scratch. I bought books about this, and I’m trying to make some simple tops alone. What is really frustrating is that I have a notebook full of sketches of dresses, skirts and tops, but I don’t know how to make them. I see exactly the kind of fabric I want, the way the fabric will fall, the shine, the movement, but I don’t have the skills to draw the pattern and make this dream comes true. But maybe in a few years…

I’m also building a little blog (I’m still working on the design now) because I want to share what I learn, what inspires me, some cool online shops, tutorials I saw… I’m planning to write step by step articles about creating clothes, a kind of “let’s learn together” approach: what I am doing and why, where I encountered problems and how I solved them…

The address is – in French “patrons” means “patterns” but also “boss” so it loosely translates to “obey the pattern”, because the patterns are always right!

To everyone on Your Style Rocks!, thank you for your entries on the different contests, I really enjoy browsing the sketches and seeing all the different interpretations we have of the same few words!