Through Mist and Time…


…that’s the title lizzieartist gave her creation with which she won our Stitch Stories contest. And while her outfit inspired by Celtic mythology is certainly not for everyday wear, we do realize that there is a growing community of fantasy lovers who make their own clothes and are just desperate for good sewing patterns to cater to their needs. I’m particularly looking forward to the e-mail interview I always do with the winner this time and to finding out more about lizzieartist.

The new contest is called Dress a Celeb and it should be lots of fun! Have you ever wished you could be the personal stylist to your favourite star? Well then, use your crayons, pencils, watercolours or a painting software of your choice and let us see your ideas!

In the meantime we are working on the overdue patterns. Next up is Eva‘s self-titled dress from our Let your shoes be your muse contest. It is almost ready to be published, we just need to take a couple of photos, so expect the finished pattern up on the website before the end of the week!



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