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Hello, lizzieartist!

November 13th, 2011

As always, I asked our latest contest winner, lizzieartist, to tell us a little bit about herself. I was particularly curious this time, because her winning entry “Through Mist and Time” is quite different from what we usually get when we ask you to submit your designs – think Avalon rather than 5th Avenue! So here is an introduction to the mastermind behind the top submission of our “Stitch Stories” challenge:

I’m 22 years old, I’m a graphic design student in Florida, United States. I have a million interests; reading, writing, drawing, photo-manipulation, photography… the list goes on. I even do voice-acting for the animated videos a friend of mine makes.

As far as fashion goes, I usually do costume design more than fashion design, so my designs tend to be a bit fanciful. I do, however, sometimes design things meant for every day wear. In the case of this contest though, I felt that the terms of it were just begging for something out of the ordinary, though I did get more carried away with it than I intended…

While I draw out a lot of designs, I’m not very experienced in sewing. I have altered many articles of clothing when they didn’t fit me or my siblings, or mended clothing, and a few times I made clothing for small dolls or stuffed animals. But I haven’t had the materials or opportunity to sew something new from a pattern, and certainly nothing of my own design. Now I hope that I may soon be able to do so. 😀