Lori’s dress for a celeb wins


Lori is a bit of a Your Style Rocks! veteran – if you have followed our contests since the beginning of our website in August 2010, you have probably seen some of her designs already (like this, this and this). This time, however, is the first time she won one of our challenges: her Dress for Cate Blanchett came in late but still managed to get the most votes in our “Dress a Celeb” contest. If you haven’t seen Lori’s creation yet, you should really go and check it out right now, because it is awesome and we can really see the Great Cate wearing it (maybe we should ask her management if she could model it for our photos once it is finished? :-)).

The new contest should be easy enough for everybody, so we are hoping for lots and lots and lots of exciting design ideas. What we are asking you for this time is an essential piece for everyone’s wardrobe. It would be fantastic if this would result in a pattern that people would use over and over again, in different colours, fabrics, with slight modifications etc., don’t you think? So what would be that basic piece you always wish you could make? Draw a little sketch and send it in!


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