lalaure’s Eva Dress


Hello everybody,

I had to delete a couple of entries from the contest – a lot of people seem to find our contest description misleading and send in their finished projects. I added an extra paragraph for new members to the contest description – let’s see if that helps.

Anyway, one of the “entries” was this beautiful Eva Dress, as made by lalaure – it is too good to just delete, so I thought I’d show it here!

This dress is wonderfull: easy to do and easy to wear. I am so happy to wear it with this beautifull sun.
I have done it very quickly, and the size is perfect.
I ever think for a new one!


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  1. MidnightBlue

    Style Rookie

    I’m new to YSR. I would like clarification on submission. When you enter a contest, you are only to send drawings of the garment, but not include a photo of the finished garment along with the drawings?

  2. Kim

    Style Goddess

    Exactly, MidnightBlue – in our contests we ask our members for designs based on a specific theme. People can then submit their sketches and vote for their favourites. We take the winning designs and turn them into sewing patterns which we publish for free in our Patterns section. It wouldn’t make sense to submit a finished garment because obviously a pattern for this already exists.

    Welcome to Your Style Rocks! 🙂

  3. MidnightBlue

    Style Rookie

    Thanks for the speedy reply, Kim. I wasn’t quite sure if the person who submitted the design was responsible for producing the pattern. This way makes it much easier.

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