Mad Women love the Mod Style


While a lot of people were a little bit disappointed by the lack of Mod fashion in the first episodes of Mad Men’s season five, that didn’t stop you guys from voting for futuralon‘s beautiful shift dress Mid 60s Mod Mini in our Mad Women contest. Congratulations, futuralon! I think we’re all looking forward to being able to add such an essential and well executed piece to our pattern collection.

For our new contest Sensational Decorations we’d like you to post designs that are simple in shape but have fine details added. Click here to read all about it – then go and send us your ideas! If the last couple of weeks’ submissions are anything to go by, we’ll see a lot of amazing entries again!

As for the next free pattern – we are in the final stages of optimizing it, so we hope we’ll be able to publish it soon – it’s going to be a good one! 🙂


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  1. futuralon

    Style Rockstar

    SO EXITED!! Thank you all for your votes, I am humbled that you like my design. I think that it will be a great wardrobe addition when rendered in modern fabrics in trendy colors with the latest accessories. I look forward to making it – once I decide which friend to make it for! I also am REALLY looking forward to the results of what other members fabricate. All of the pictures I’ve seen of other YourStyleRocks dresses show flattering, well rendered garments and are an inspiration. Perhaps someone will make my Mod Mini in vintage polyester knit… or sequined for evening… or everyday chambray? I’d also like to thank my hot competition – there were a lot of attractive dresses and lots of votes for them. And thank you YourStyleRocks!

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