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Last contest winner in a while

December 1st, 2012

Our slightly extended “Freedom of Choice” contest has ended – and we have a marvellous winner. thenchuff decided to pick the theme from our “We love the cold” contest and use it as a creative springboard for a truly amazing design. What we love so much about her entry is not only the outfit itself and thenchuff’s remarkable sketching skills but also the perfect choice of fabric suggestion and the personal story she weaves into her description.

Unfortunately we also have some sad news. Most of you will probably have noticed that we have a big backlog of winners from past contests that haven’t made it into the pattern section yet. We have therefore decided to suspend the contests until further notice to give us a chance to catch up. The patternmaking (and grading) is a time consuming process and we run this site in our spare time (from the e-mails we are getting we can tell that a lot of our visitors seem to think that a pattern company is behind Your Style Rocks! – there isn’t). We hope you understand that we just need some elbow-room right now.

However, we are going to keep the contest page up. So if you would like to show us your sketches you can still do that. We are also keeping the voting system, just as an easy way for you to show your fondness for a design someone might have shared. Obviously, while contests are suspended there will be no winner, though.

As soon as we are ready to go into full Your Style Rocks! mode again, we will send out a newsletter and let everybody know on Twitter, so make sure you follow us (or sign up for our newsletter on your profile page)!