November 2011 – Dress a Celeb

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dress a celeb

Have you ever flicked through the pages of a magazine, cringing at the sight of celebs being caught by paparazzi in clothes that you wouldn't even wear to take the rubbish out? Well, we certainly have - and it invariably makes us wish we could take them by the hand and give them some sorely needed fashion advice. And that was the theme of this contest: we were looking for a flattering everyday outfit, designed to emphasize our members' favourite celebrity's personality!

Winning entry: A dress for Cate Blanchett

Lori picked Cate Blanchett and designed a dress for her that perfectly accentuates the actress' elegant and graceful appearance.

Click on the picture below to see Lori's full contest entry and view her design in detail.

Winning entry: A dress for Cate Blanchett by Lori » with 17 votes.

A dress for Cate Blanchett preview

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