December 2010 – Let your shoes be your muse!

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In our forum we asked you which contest you would like to see next and laughinguacamole came up with the wonderful idea to create designs based on your favourite shoes. We loved the concept immediately, so this became the first contest in 2011: We asked you to design a piece or an outfit that perfectly complements your most loved pair of heels, boots, flats, wellies or whatever else rocks your soles!

Winning entry: Eva Dress

Eva was voted highest in this contest with her self-titled dress inspired by her favourite pair of Mary-Janes. It was the perfect details and the asymmetrical yet well balanced shape of the skirt that won our hearts, and we hope to see more of her design talent here in the future!

Click on the picture below to read more about Eva's design and see her sketch in detail.

Winning entry: Eva Dress by Eva » with 20 votes.

Eva Dress preview

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