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Youre going to do it justice

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Youre going to do it justice I'm 19 mark and I mean an email team west she wild why I you said hard to our good of ghetto we can stay here that the ship check out on us all we can fight our way back into the light we can climb outtalk hell one-inch at a time to be able at the moment just that combines what you all for what you won't be calm more than one business travel between studying a good time complaints I don't do welling Madurai you might have missed the cut I'm not my number home still days home be on your crime not making someone else's light you're wasting your time crowded about funny people potted plants with your work 2012 now I will show you homemade C good if you haven't gone good you good this now what are you going to do C one like I'll %uh in home .

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