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Robine Trousers

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Hi everyone, forgive me my pore English and drawings with an unsteady hand, scanned poorly Nonetheless I hope I make sense to you and it all comes across a bit clear :-)

My Robine trousers should fit so comfortably and would be relatively easy to sew, having a wide elastic waistband.
Yet they would look casual smart, having a tight fit and a good shape.
They would combine easy with a smart blazer or a cute t-shirt and would be wearable for a variety of occasions, from the office to the grocery store ect.
I would create this nice shape with the sewing lines and pattern pieces, creating trousers that have just the right amount of detail to be sharp, yet not too much,
to avoid being a sewing horror for an a self-educated girl like me -)
For sewing newbies or people who want to take a short path, the side pockets and also the back pockets could be left out.
For the showoffs (I mean that in the nicest manner :-)) and the experts the pockets and details can be topstitched with a contrasting color.
I picture these trousers made in a heavy cotton fabric, perhaps with a linen feel to it, in a smart color such as beige, navy blue or even white.

I sure hope I am not too late to enter the contest :-) Thank you for checking my design and perhaps even vote for me -)

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Style Rookie

Aug 23rd, 02:43 pm by Marijke

I forgot to mention these trousers would have a fake fly, adding to the smart but comfortable look.



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