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Past-Perfect Cold Weather Songs

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Well, I took three past contests and ran with them for my first submission! It's a lolita-girly 50's-esque knee-length sailor coat, semi-inspired by World Spins Madly On by the Weepies. Mouthful much?
I imagine it made out of soft, navy blue wool with brass buttons, and a band of pale grey chiffon-covered ruching done at the sleeves and hemline. The ruching would be capped at both sides with black velvet ribbon and a tiny bit of lace on one side.. details on the collar would also be velvet ribbon.
Two pleats underneath the pockets and in the back add fullness to the skirt, and the white collar ends in a capelet at the back.
I'd also love to include the inset at the front... more grey chiffon with the velvet ribbon and topped with white lace.
Though if blue isn't quite girly enough, it could also be done in a dusty rose color.. you know, just a thought. ^_--

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