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Even Genghis Khan Lost Some Early Battles

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Kull, played by Kevin Sorbo, wants to join an army where Taligaro, played by Thomas Ian Griffith, is the leader. However, Taligaro tells Kull that to join his army Kull must be or royal blood, http://centumentltdreview.com/ed-conqueror-system-review/ even though Kull beats Taligaro in a duel. Taligaro gets a message from a soldier that the king has gone mad and started killing his own children. Taligaro and his army returns to the castle and Kull follows them. Taligaro confronts the king about his crime and the king threatens to kill Taligaro as well. Kull intervenes and fights the king, seriously wounding him. Taligaro tries to claim himself as the new king, but the king awakens and gives the crown to Kull naming him as the new king.

Kull, as king, try to change the laws which were currently in place by freeing slaves and allowing a temple priest named Ascalante, played by Litefoot to worship what gods they will. Kull's new laws displeases Taligaro and him along with two other men visit a warlock who revives the red witch queen, Akivasha, played by Tia Carrere.

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