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Most Men Do Worry About Their Health!

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Thus if you study where we are, where we are headed you can often predict categories of needed improvements as well as severe pit falls. Thus predicting the future is relatively easy. Both short and long-term future can be predicted as long as your pre-conceived notions are reality based in your current period observations. If you look at the people advising the Presidents Administration you can see we are all in good hands and if you can see the methods to their madness as they advise such administrations you can see the brilliance of their sense of direction as they battle social norms, status quos and dying technologies. It is an art and a science to build for the future without over stepping boundaries of continuity. Incremental Change is best and without disrupting the natural flow of things. Too much disruptive technology is not good. The flow must be obtain to continue to serve free men otherwise you end up turning on the Lunch Light for those we are trying to serve. The onward movement of man, requires careful planning as if a three-dimensional chess board

We must continue to study the flows and the future, which is much easier than you might think. There are so many factors, such as trade, population migration, population growth, Industry sector rotations, cycles of weather, trading partners, wars, voting trends, infrastructure depreciation, crime, capital flow, stock markets, national security, politics, religious undertones, law, taxation, energy, natural resources, environment, health, language, education, transportation, communication, distribution and currency, just to name a few, which must be studied and must fit together. This is why you need experts and well-rounded individuals with multi-disciplines of as many and more items listed and with such a team of dedicated thinkers all with the common goal the tasks are not really that daunting although to many may appear to be un-doable.


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