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Eating Food Just to Be Rid of It

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Appetite suppressants promote weight loss by making you eat less, which naturally means you will not consume as many calories. Metabolism boosters work on the other part of the weight loss equation by stimulating your metabolism to burn more calories. They also tend to make people eat less, but not in the same way as appetite suppressants. By looking at what these products do, we can see how they can promote weight loss, but there are some significant issues with the way these products work.

One of the biggest problems with these supplements is they can help you lose some weight, but the positive results are usually short-term at best and in many cases people gain back all the weight or more when the stop taking the supplements. Taking appetite suppressants is essentially like being on a very low calorie diet, where you lose some weight at first simply because you are eating so much less than usual. However, your body will eventually shut down your metabolism as a way to conserve energy since you are not eating enough and weight loss can quickly come to a halt even if you don't consume many calories.


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