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Packers-theme wedding

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Not to diminish this couples big day, but this Green Bay Packers-themed wedding pales in comparison to the dedication shown by Steelers fans during their nuptials.

Ryan Holtan-Murphy and his wife Marie Packer recently threw themselves a Packers-themed wedding, complete with the groom wearing a tuxedo jacket covered in Packers logos.

Not only was their wedding green and gold, but Mr. Holtan-Murphy took his fandom to the next level by agreeing to take his wifes last name because, as he put it, Were going to be the Packer family!

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This level of passion for a citys professional sports teams is not foreign to Pittsburghers, especially Steelers fans. Just take this couple who gave everyone at their wedding a Terrible Towel just so they could wave them as the bride and groom walked down the aisle.

In 2009, Michael and Jennifer Detore went from their wedding ceremony at St. Bartholomews Church to Saint Vincent College so they could take wedding photos at Steelers training camp.

Then there is the mismatched couple of Joshua Wilen and Sarah Friedman, the former a Steelers fan and the latter a Baltimore Ravens fans. The two were set to be married in 2012, so hopefully that intense football rivalry did not come between true love.

The closest couple to matching the Packer clan in fanaticism were Mike Tonga and Amy Crabtree, who had a legitimate Steelers-themed wedding. Everyone in attendance wore Steelers jerseys, the cake was decorated like a Terrible Towel and it was topped with two veiled Steelers helmets.

They apparently met at a Steelers bar in Westminster, Colo., while, ironically, watching the Steelers lose to the Packers in Super Bowl XLV.

Talk about finding love in a hopeless place.

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