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The applications of Aluminum Sheet

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Aluminum has many applications in heavy industry, as it can be manufactured in different thicknesses, and it is also semiconductor and reflects heat and light. One of the most important elements in most aluminum houses is Customized Solid Aluminum Sheet and foil. Its metal can withstand the enormous pressure changes that most devices emit during a typical flight. This metal is also waterproof after a thickness of more than one millimeter and can therefore be used to contain liquids of certain materials and is also used in many consumer electronics.

The applications of Plain Aluminum Sheet are large and vary according to the application. This metal is often found in dwellings in the form of aluminum foil, but it is also present on construction sites, production facilities and electronic products that consumers use every day.
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China Aluminum Profile Consumption
In recent years, the high, steady and sustained development of China's national economy and new technologies has rapidly promoted the development of China's extruded aluminum profile (www.goldapple.com.cn) and the Aluminum industry. Now there are so many professional manufacturers of extruded Perforated Aluminum Sheet in China, and GOLD APPLE is one of those leaders! The aluminum industry, aluminum production and aluminum alloy profile in our country have already reached 8 793 million tons in 2006, production has been more than the United States and will be the world's first

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