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various types of Aluminum Plates in high-quality powder

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Up to 12.508 million tonnes in 2007 compared to 2006, it increased by 42.25% in growth, which created a new high record The volume of imports of Aluminum Single Plates for 2007 is 690000 tonnes compared to 2006, which increased by 0.6% Export volume of aluminum profiles of 1,853 million. Tons compared to 2006, it increased by 49.4% in growth, net exports of aluminum alloy profiles are 1,163 million. tons In 2007, consumption of industrial aluminum profile in China is 11.345 million tons.

Variants of aluminum profiles in China
In recent years, the Chinese Diamond Aluminum Plates industry has closely combined the market and the need for the development of science The traditional processing of aluminum has gradually been transformed into modern processing of aluminum, so the processing of aluminum aluminum profile has changed a lot. Aluminum profile processing in China is essential, it has high performance, high precision, energy saving, environmental protection, many products have become a well-known brand in the domestic and international market and Have gained a high reputation among global customers In addition, product quality has improved steadily, the standard level of the product has already entered the international advanced lines. The largest aluminum producers can all receive direct orders for the advanced national standards of the world. , GOLD APPLE, an extruded aluminum extrusion company specializing in the manufacture of various types of Aluminum Plates in high-quality powder, is known for its large quantity and professional service .
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