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The ceiling is the general term for PE ACP Sheets

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There are about 300 kinds of alloy and 1500 types of aluminum ACP Sheets. It is one of the richest aluminum profiles in the world. In many aluminum processing ranges, a large number of international advanced products and products of nationally famous brands represent the general orientation of modern aluminum profile technology and application of our country .

China Aluminum processing technology
The Chinese aluminum profile processing technology is advanced and the features of the relative rear technology are also present. China's Fireproof ACP Sheets technology and equipment entered into advanced international lines However, the technology and equipment of many small and medium-sized enterprises in the 20th century remain in the years 1970-1990. Thus, the Chinese aluminum profiling industry represents the large but not strong characteristics in its extensive capacity, so that the national economy and modern science remain still in a passive state for the requirements of certain profiles. Fine aluminum and high.
Development of aluminum ceiling

The ceiling is the general term for PE ACP Sheets to decorate a room. With technological advances used more modern materials to people's lives. The interior of the modern loft has magical effects: After special treatment is the anti-static ceiling surface, no dust, no earth dust, can fully meet the requirements of the high precision electronic factory, Operating rooms of hospitals, laboratories and so on.
more: https://www.jiyu-acp.com/aluminum-composite-panels.html
more: https://www.jiyu-acp.com/aluminum-composite-panels/fireproof-acp.html
more: https://www.jiyu-acp.com/aluminum-composite-panels/pe-acp.html

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