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The Two in One

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The Two in One - ideally made of a warm wool, beautiful artsy buttons, and lined with a beautiful lining. Extra generous shawl collar - with lining placed for smoothness against the neck and button detail to keep it in place in blustery winds. Princess seaming, extra wide and deep slash pockets,an optional belt could be easily added. Smaller buttons fasten the outer edge of sleeve up to just below the elbow.

Interior has button down lining to reveal larger flat buttons along hemline for the purpose of attaching an alternate ruffle to extend he length of the coat.

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Style Rookie

Dec 3rd, 03:40 pm by cattastic

I voted for this because it's the most unique idea I have seen submitted thus far in the contest. A pea-coat with cool collars? Been done before. A wrap dress? Been done, MANY times before. A cape? Done. A halter/tails combo? Done.

Don't get me wrong--all the designs are lovely and everyone has done a great job. However, IMHO this is the only submission that has exhibited some real inventiveness and creativity.

I love the idea of my outermost layer (which is the layer that most people see in the winter, let's be honest) can serve its function of warming me but also being stylish and versatile. If you are like me, you wear the same coat or two all winter long. The attachable ruffle is a great idea for length and style. It really stands out.

True fashion demonstrates not necessarily what would I personally wear but does the garment exhibit energy, movement, a good silhouette, and offer something unique? This one does.



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